With Photo Party Upload, you can have guests text images to a phone number you own, and have them appear in the Helper watched folder. You can use this as an alternative to hashtag printing (or in combination), and is a great addition to a Muse Mosaic event!

This tutorial explains how to set up Text Message Printing with Photo Party Upload. You will need an active Twilio account (account created, phone number purchased, and funds added to your Twilio wallet), but you do not need to to have text messaging enabled in your event settings.


Set up an event in Event Manager, and enable Twilio MMS Printing in the Printing > Hashtag/Text Printing section.


Fill out the information in the fields that appear below as you see fit:

Reply message: Each guest that texts an image to your Twilio number will receive this message as a response. If you leave it blank, the guest will not receive a response message.

Auto Print: Any images received via text message will be automatically printed via the printer(s) selected in Helper.

Maximum number of pictures per user: Exactly what it sounds like. Limits the number of images received from any single phone number.


Copy the webhook URL:

... then submit your event.


Log in to your Twilio account, and in your Active Numbers section, click on the number you wish to use (you may only use one).


Scroll down to the Messaging section, and under CONFIGURE WITH set the dropdown to Webhooks, TwiML, Functions, Studio, or Proxy. Under A MESSAGE COMES IN select Webhook, then paste your unique webhook into the accompanying field.


Save your settings in Twilio.


Launch or Refresh your PPU Helper application to download the latest Event Manager settings.


Open the PPU Helper Configure menu by double-clicking on the Helper icon in the system tray, or right-clicking and selecting Configure.


Navigate to the Hashtag/Text Printing tab in the Configure menu, and when you are ready to receive texts, click the green START Twilio MMS Printing button. It will turn red. Click it again to STOP when you are done collecting images via text. (NOTE: The other options may or may not appear depending on if they have been enabled for the event currently selected).


That's it! You should now be able to receive any images texted to your Twilio number.

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