This article will show examples of all available Filters in PBU. Most are using the default settings, but some will be using custom settings to show the effect. Filters with custom settings will be indicated.

The Glitch filter is only available for GIFs.

1. No Effect

2. 1977

3. Apollo

4. B&W + Clean Background - Black and white but brightens light colors (between 0.7 and 1), and adds some RGB curves for contrast.

5. Black & White - Simple black and white setting.

6. Black & White Glamour - Allows for smoothing of image and adjusting contrast.

7. Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue - Example not using default settings

8. Cartoon

9. Colorization

10. Cross Process

11. Early Bird

12. Enhance

13. Gotham

14. Hefe

15. Inkwell

16. Lomo-fi

17. Lord Kelvin

18. LUT - Lookup Table - File type to import is .cube - Below are two examples of what can be done with LUTs:

19. Mirror

20. Motion Blur

21. Nashville

22. Photoshop Action - Uses Photoshop installed on the booth computer to run an Action (.atn file). Below are some examples of Photoshop Actions we've done:

23. Poprocket

24. Reflection

25. Secret Formula

26. Sepia

27. Smooth

28. Split - Not using default settings. Split allows you to use two different filters on each side of the image. The mid-point can be adjusted, feathered, and can be vertical or horizontal. The example below is using Black & White and Colorization

29. Spot Color

30. Sutro

31. Tilt Shift - Example not using default settings

32. Toaster

33. Walden

34. Warhol

35. Warhol Face

36. X-Pro II

37. Glitch

38. Special Custom Photoshop Action

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