This tutorial will go over how to configure and upload your guests' final processed image onto a SmugMug gallery. 

To begin, you must first have a SmugMug account. If you do not have one, please create a new one.  After having done the above two steps, navigate to your Virtual Booth tab in Event Manager. From there, click create new to create a new Virtual Booth event. Start by entering all the necessary details and then navigate to the "Sharing" portion of your event creation. 

1.) Select the Share SmugMug sharing option checkbox.

2.) After selecting the checkbox, you will see the following interface become available to you so that you can connect your SmugMug account with our Virtual Booth platform.

3.) Click on the login link and a popup window will appear, requesting for you to authorize Virtual Booth to use your SmugMug account and log into your SmugMug account.

4.) After successfully authorizing and logging in, the popup window will automatically close and your account's access token and secret key will be automatically filled it. You will be able to select an album for your images to be uploaded to. If you did not create an album on SmugMug, you can directly enter an album name and have Virtual Booth create it for you on your SmugMug account.

You have now successfully completed configuring your SmugMug upload option!

To learn how to embed your SmugMug gallery onto a website via iFrame, please check out our Virtual Booth Embed SmugMug Gallery Tutorial!