This tutorial will guide you on how you can obtain the embedded link to display your Smugmug gallery on your virtualbooth event site or your desired site.

To obtain the embedded link for your Smugmug gallery, you must first have an album with at least 1 image uploaded. 

1.) Navigate to your album and click on the option "View on Photo Site"

2.) Select the "Share" icon on the photo site.

3.) You will see a popup window called "Share Gallery". Navigate to the "Slideshow" Tab and select "EMBED". Here is where you will obtain the entire iframe source code with the link to your smugmug gallery. If you wish to embed this gallery on another website and not your virtualbooth event, this is where this guide will stop for you. Proceed to Step 4 if you want to know how to embed the gallery on your virtualbooth event site.

4.) In your virtualbooth event, navigate to the "HEADER AND FOOTER" section. The footer is the big editable box. Select the "Embed/Edit Embedded Media" icon.

5.)  Navigate to the Source Tab in the editor, copy and paste your smugmug embedded code within the source tab and then click "Insert". 

You have now successfully added an embedded smugmug gallery to your virtualbooth event site!

To learn how to connect virtualbooth to automatically upload images to your smugmug account, check out our VirtualBooth Smugmug Sharing Tutorial.