This guide is intended to help you ensure your toll-free Twilio number is verified. If you currently have a Twilio number but it is NOT toll-free, we highly recommend that you purchase a toll-free number. There has been a recent push from Cell carriers to limit spam texts, and the toll-free verification process is crucial to ensuring your end-users receive their content. A common sign that you do not have a toll-free number is that only the very first user(s) to text their photo actually receive it. Their number(s) will appear in the PPU Event Data even if they don't receive the SMS, as their carrier blocked the delivery.

Detailed verification information by Twilio is here, but you will find a high-level guide below:


If you have not already created your Twilio account, go to and create your account. Make sure you:

  1. Purchase a toll-free number and 
  2. Add funds to your Twilio account balance. $10 is plenty and should last you quite a while.

This image shows you how to make sure your number is toll-free:

After buying your toll-free number, Twilio will prompt you to enter relevant information to verify your business, shown below:

The verification process contains the following steps. Steps 1 and 2 will be unique to your own business information:

Recommendations on Step 3 are below: 

Estimated monthly volume: You will select the volume relevant to your business from the drop-down menu. 

Use case categories: 'Events' is a good keyword to enter here

Use case description: This should be something along the lines of "Photobooth guests will enter their phone number in order to receive their photo. This is not for marketing or future out-reach, it is only as a means for delivery of their photo(s)"

E-mail for notifications: Enter the email address you want to receive verification notifications at

Opt-in type: Select 'Via Text'

Opt-in workflow image URLs: Here you can input a link where you host an image showing what photobooth guests will see prior to entering their phone number. 

  1. This involves applying a disclaimer in the Event Manager - if you have not applied a disclaimer before, you may view this guide
  2. An example of the URL Image you input into this field is below:
  3.  Note: You should create your own disclaimer and provide your own URL where a screenshot of the disclaimer is hosted. 

Message Content: This should mirror the message you enter into the SMS message field for events, that your guest see when they open the SMS they receive from you. An example is "Thank you for attending Red Rock Amphitheater. Your photo is attached".

Finally, agree to the Terms of Service. Once submitted, you will see the status below:


When asked to to enter your EIN: If you are a sole proprietor, your EIN number should be associated with the business name originally registered to your EIN, otherwise Twilio may reject your toll-free verification.

Additional details of the Toll-Free Verification process are here.

Next Steps:

  • If you are a PBU/PPU User, check here for using your toll-free number
  • If you are a Landmark User, check here for using your toll-free number