Here at LA Photo Party, we offer two software systems, Photo Party Upload, or PPU, and Photo Booth Upload, or PBU. Not confusing at all, right? We know. Sorry about that. Here's the difference. 

Photo Party Upload (PPU)

...our first software product, is designed to make your images, videos, and GIFs brand-able, share-able, and edit-able using a simple user interface. Use the Event Manager website to manage your account and the sharing options available for your event. These settings are downloaded into the Helper application, running on your Windows PC, INFINITE, or VENTURE booth. The Helper looks at a Watched Folder containing your content, then the Kiosk application lets your guests select and share the content from the Watched Folder using a computer or tablet.

To recap, PPU has three components:

Event Manager

A website, located HERE. Login, or register if you don't already have an account. This is your PPU account and you'll use it to login to the Helper, too.

This is also where you'll initiate your 14-day free trial of PPU!

Follow this link for more information on Event Manager.


An application that manages your Watched Folder and your printers. Use this link to download the Helper app.

Follow this link for more information on Helper.


The sharing application, perfect for tablets.

Available both for Windows and iPad.

Download here for Windows 

Download here for iPad

Follow this link for more information on Kiosk.

That's it for PPU. Well, actually, it's not. There are lots of other articles about Photo Party Upload and all of its features.

Now we come to...

Photo Booth Upload (PBU)

The famous "pink icon:"

PBU is our software for capturing images, videos and GIFs. PBU will use your Canon Camera, Point Grey Flea 3 slow motion camera, or your webcam to take everything from photo strips to green screens, to slow motion video, to light-painting (and more). 

The cost for PBU is based on a long-term license and usage is unlimited based on the license that you purchase. 

Use this link to find more information about pricing for PPU and PBU. The two are designed to be used together!

Use this link to start your 14-day FREE TRIAL!

And here are many more articles about PBU and all of its features.

More questions? Check out our FAQs + Troubleshooting section!

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