At LA Photo Party, we have a large number of products and services available to help you have a truly unique and specialized event. Refer below to pricing and details of the Photo Party Upload system, Photo Booth Upload, and further down to a chart of our popular custom services.

Photo Party Upload Software:

The PPU software is what allows you to share your media via social media or printing options, configured by you. PPU is totally free but you must create an account with us first at

Once you create your account, you'll be able to use the Photo Party Upload system 100% free for 2 weeks. If you never use it after that, you never pay.

After your 2 week trial, you can switch between our 4 packages at any time. Our packages are:

1) $0.10 per upload to Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Printing is FREE!

2) $30 per Event (per day)

3) $300 per Month*

4) $2500 Per Year*

*All Extra Event Manager options are included in the Monthly and Yearly packages.

The idea of our pricing structure is that you only pay us when you are getting paid to bring Photo Party Upload to an event.

How does billing work for the $0.10 per upload plan?
The system will charge your event $0.10 per piece of media shared to any sharing options (printing is always free). This means that if 3 photos are sent in one email, you'll be charged $0.30 for that sent email. You have up to 10 shares to test your options with before the system will automatically begin charging your account.

How does the billing work for the $30 per event plan?
The system will automatically charge your account $30 for your event once you surpass sending 10 shares. This plan is helpful if you anticipate having a large volume of guests. Users on this plan must make a new event for each day they plan on using Photo Party Upload.

How does billing work for the Monthly or Yearly Plan work?

- Monthly and Yearly packages will be invoiced on the 1st of every month and charged on the 3rd of every month.

- Charges will cover the current month, so getting invoiced January 1st will mean any event in January will be covered.

- Rates are the same for every month regardless of month length.

- Monthly users are charged $300 per month, and Yearly users are charged $208.33 every month ($2500/12 = $208.33).

- Since you are billed at the beginning of the month, with a Monthly or Yearly package your account cannot be changed to another package until the end of the month or year.

- If you change your package in the middle of the month, your new package will not go into effect until the start of the next month.

- Monthly users can change their package at the beginning of the next calendar month, and yearly users will be able to change after the first year.

- After the first year, yearly users can change packages at the beginning of any month.


Depending on your selected package, additional fees may be applied when enabling specific options under the Extras menu of the Event Settings at Event Manager. Please refer to the feature and fees below:

Survey: $10

Charge Guests for Sharing Features: $10

Remove Photo Party Upload Branding: $10

Logo on Home Screen: $10

Enable Background Removal: $12

Enable Graphical Stats: $15


Printing is free! If you are only printing at an event, then feel free to use the Just Printing event which is available in the Helper after signing in. No need to create an event in Event Manager if you're just printing.

You will not be charged for printing if you have it enabled in an event you create online. The only exception is the $30 per event package. If you print 10 times (or share) with an event selected, the event will become active and you will be charged $30 plus extras, even if you only print. We recommend you use the Just Printing event if you only plan on printing at your event.

Photo Booth Upload:

Photo Booth Upload includes the ability for Page Designs, Filters, Green Screen, Video, GIF, Slideshows, Zoom-Scape, Light Painting, Morphing, and much more.

You have various options available when it comes to the PBU license. View the image below for features and pricing details

Weekly - $49

Annual - $299

Lifetime - $799


VR360: $750 (One time fee. Software only - does not include peripherals or other required hardware. Full VR hardware list can be found HERE)

LA Photo Party Services

We offer many services and products at LA Photo Party. Below is some information on some of our most popular custom services we provide and some details about them.
 Service Details
 Lead Time
GIF / Green Screen Video
$250Give or take, depending on complexity. Includes two revisions. Must provide assets like logos, specific brand images, e.g. Hyundai AccentMinimum 3 business days. Ideally at least a week.
Green Screen$75Includes 2 revisions. Must provide assets like logos, specific brand images, e.g. Nissan SentraMinimum 3 business days.
Microsite and HTML Email$350Must provide assets and any copy for both email and URL, as well as any social links or links to embed video content. If a particular font is to be used the client needs to supply the licensed webfont version of it or name any google font, else a standard web compatible font will be used. For emails, only standard fonts will be used. Email design is only 600px wide. Two revisions are included.Minimum 1 week
3D VR360$135/hrContact Tech Support for further detailsVaries on complexity
Digital Props$25Includes 2 revisions.Minimum 3 days
CMYK Photoshop action$250CMYK Photoshop action available for download and use in PBU. This feature also requires additional software.Sent via email upon payment