Full legal name of sub-processor
- Here we are the main entity who take cases of all the transactions like events data, user email or phone, media files and sharing more details can be found in the attached user information security data flow document. LA Photo Party Inc.
- We also have some of the third party tools/vendors working with us for media files data processing and sharing - SmugMug, Twilio, SendGrid,SMTP, facebook, twilio, insta, AWS S2 etc.

Subject matter and nature of processing (for instance;  data hosting; customer services helpdesk; software maintenance and support services; fulfilment services, etc.)
- Attached high level architecture PDF shows the details info about our application hosting, we are using AWS cloud for hosting and deployment. Also we are storing the media files into AWS S3 bucket for the unique URL functionality.
- All the event's photo and video files would be stored on the computers which are in customers' local area network.
- Media files would be shared with social media platforms or customer integrations by the Photo Party Upload Helper application which will be running on the LAN system.
- Customer services helpdesk - LA Photo Party (we have our own help desk supported by the expert technicians and software professionals). [for all other sub-processor, we will need to get in touch with them for any data issue or process issue also each third party sub-processor has their own data privacy policy; we don't control their privacy policies]
- Software maintenance and support services - LA Photo Party (we have our own Software Development department supported by professional software engineers, architectes, QA testers and project managers who are working across the globe including USA). [for all other sub-processor, we will need to get in touch with them for any maintenance and support services, the response time on the support and maintenance may vary as per their SLAs]
- We are not storing users data like username and password for any app or any social media apps. Data collections options like email. phone, user details can be optionally configured in the event manager. If select to collect the users data then the collected user details information would be stored into our secured AWS cloud hosted SQL Server, only authorized LAPP person can access these databases.

Country in which the sub-processing will take place
- All our AWS cloud hosted components are deployed into USA data centers. Applications running on local area networks are dynamic and their country location will be dependent upon the event configuration.
- Above listed sub-processor like twilio, smugmug, sendgrid they are the very well known providers in the market and provide the services the whole world so they might have their hosting in multiple countries. We do not have more information about them.

If they demand the user data is deleted after an event, how can I do that?
- Simply email us and we will delete the data on our servers. The locally hosted data in your logs and app databases will have to be deleted by you, or us if we can have AnyDesk access.