This article will explain how to use and navigate the different settings within the PPU Helper's Configure menu.

To access the Helper Configure menu, you must first be signed in to the Helper. You can then right-click the Helper icon in the system tray and select Configure or you can double click the Helper icon in the system tray. The window below will then appear.

General tab


1) Network Location: Clicking the link will open a web page on your default web browser which will indicate whether or not there is a firewall on your network that is blocking communication between the Kiosk and Helper. If the results on the page state "Service End-Point not found", then it means that there are no firewalls on the wifi network to prevent communication. You should open that web page on your kiosk tablet to be absolutely sure.

2) Selected Event: You can click on the drop-down arrow to browse your list of current "active" events. Only events that are on today's date or in the future will show on this list. Any expired event will not show on this list. The only permanent event on this list is the "Just Printing" event. This event allows you to use the printing option in PPU Kiosk and PBU without having to create an event online. Printing is free.

3) Selected RFID Station: If you are using the RFID feature, you can select the station from here to connect the PPU Helper to it. Stations are not necessary for RFID to be functional.

4) Refresh Events: Click this button to refresh your PPU events list,  which will download any new events and/or changes to existing events.

5) Printer List: Here you can find a list of all the printers you have installed in Windows. To use one or more of the printers, simply check the checkbox beside the printer you want to use. If the check box is greyed out, the printer driver is installed but not connected/turned on. You must check a printer from this list if you want to use PBU or PPU Kiosk to do the printing.

6) Refresh Printers: If you connect a printer to your photobooth or computer, you can click this button to refresh the Printer List in order to be able to select the printer you connected.

7) Page Margins: If you need to adjust the margins of your printed photo or if you need to adjust margins for print bleeding, you can do so here with these page margin settings. You can use negative page margins to enlarge images.

8) Log Printer Jobs: This is on by default. It logs all print sessions in the logs folder.

9) Crop-to-Page Size: If you need to crop your image to specific paper size, you can use this option.

10) Change Watched Folder: You can change the folder that the Helper is watching by clicking this button.

11) Add Watched Folder: You can have Helper monitor multiple folders for content to be shared. Works with the Albums feature in Kiosk.

12) Include Sub Folders: You can have Helper monitor not just your watched folder but also the subfolders within your watched folder.

13) Click to Open Folder with your Logs: The logs folder is mostly for administrative purposes. It contains all the sharing activity conducted by the PPU Helper based on your Event settings, as well as any errors encountered by Helper. Clicking the link will open your logs folder.

14) Click to Change Folder: You can change the location where you want your logs to be stored. We generally do not recommend tampering with the folder location.

15) Click to Open DB Folder: Another administrative folder. This folder contains the PPU Helper's database. If the file is corrupted, we will need to replace or rebuild your database. 

16) Start Auto Printing: Clicking this button will start printing anything in the watched folder (if you have a printer selected). The button will change to red after it has been clicked. Clicking it again will stop auto printing, and change the button back to green.

Queue status tab

1) Select Event with Queued Items: If you had issues sharing at your event, or didn't have an internet connection, your shares could be stuck in the PPU Helper queue. You can click this dropdown to find the event that had shares queued, and resend them. By default it shows all events, but you can specify specific events that have items in queue.

2) Resend Suspended: Clicking this button will trigger the PPU Helper to attempt to resend all queued items in the Suspended column (for the event selected at the top). If All Events is selected, it will attempt to resend queued items for all events.

3) Delete Suspended: You can remove any suspended shares that you no longer wish to resend. Only suspended shares for the event selected at the top will be deleted.

4) Queue

    - In Queue: Items in this column are in the process of being sent. If you lose internet connection, or encounter other sharing issues, these shares will eventually move to Suspended.

    - Attempts: If the share In Queue is not successful, it will be moved to Attempts, then back to In Queue. Helper will attempt to send shares three times before they are moved to Suspended. 

    - Suspended: Items in this column have failed to send, and will not try to send again without clicking Resend Suspended.

5) Refresh: The numbers of items in queue are calculated when the Queue status tab is opened. The numbers do not update in real time. To show updated numbers you must click Refresh.

The Hashtag/Text Printing, and FlipBook Printing tabs are detailed in their respective tutorials.