Muse Mosaic can be used in conjunction with our Photo Party Upload software to pull images from Instagram and Twitter into your watched folder and into your mosaic!


First, you'll need to sign up for a Photo Party Upload account*. If you are already an LAPP customer and have a PPU account, you can skip down to step (4). If you are new to PPU, start by registering by clicking HERE.  


Next, if you haven't done so in the registration process, download our Helper software by clicking HERE


Run the ".exe" file that downloads from the link in step (2) to install the Helper.


With your PPU account setup and the Helper installed, you'll now need to familiarize yourself enough with Photo Party Upload to set up an event, setup hashtag printing for your event, save the event, and download the event settings into the Helper. If you are already familiar with PPU, you may only need to review the information pertaining specifically to Hashtag Printing. Here are some important articles from our Photo Party Upload support page that you should review:

For more advanced information on the Helper, check out Getting to the Helper Configure Window as well as any other solutions documents there on our support site that interest you.


Make sure that the correct folder is set as your watched folder in your Helper. This folder should be the Muse Mosaic folder where you want the hashtag-retrieved images to be saved. This should either be the current session's "watched" or "hashtag" folders (or whichever custom folders are being used for that purpose in your system, if you've chosen not to use the default session folder tree). 


Activate Hashtag Printing for your event and watch as images posted with your selected hashtag download, per your predetermined criteria, into the folder of your choice, and subsequently into your active mosaic!

How to Set your Hashtag Folder & Use it for Monitoring of incoming Images.

Step 1: Locate the "Hashtag" Folder found in Advanced -> Files & Folders Tab, located as the last folder on the Folder Locations. Set this folder as the same folder you designated as the PPU Helper's watched folder or your dropbox folder. If you are using Resilio Sync or Dropbox, please ensure that your synchronized images are ONE-WAY SYNCED. If it is two way, you will get multiple and duplicate images.

Step 2: Once you've set the hashtag folder and configured all your settings in the app and you're ready to begin, simply navigate to the Photo Moderation Tab. Now begin your image sync from dropbox or resilio or start #tag download from PPU Helper.

Step 3: Start your live progress in Muse Mosaic and return to the Photo Moderation Tab. Then select the option "Activate the Hashtag Folder". This will enable the app to automatically begin moving images from the designated folders into the waiting room folder so that you can moderate them. Note* The waiting room folder is NOT to be tampered with. It is simply there to facilitate the functionalities from image moderation.

You can pause the movement of images into the waiting folder by simply unchecking the "Activate the Hashtag Folder" option. This will temporarily pause the movement of images. Please do wait a few seconds before moving images from waiting into watched via Photo Moderation. Images sometimes may be loading and if you move an image too early, you may end up moving an incomplete image.

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